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FREE SHIPPING: [Bundle] FIXATE Magical Super Sticky Gel Pad

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FIXATE Gel pads are designed with a large surface area in mind which makes them: Strong, Durable, Malleable, and Extremely Versatile in their uses. In addition, by utilizing minimalist design principles we have created an elegant product that will compliment your devices, style and home.

We have worked closely with our manufacturer from the very start to ensure the material composition of FIXATE provides a safe holding solution for your most valued devices and enough versatility to hold whatever you challenge it with!

FIXATE is safe to use on any surface, comes in two useful shapes and can be cut to any size for your unique requirements. By only using the best materials our gel pads are reusable and have an extended lifespan.

Fixate Gel Pads are great for use in the car, stick you phone or GPS for easy viewing and charging!


Bundle Package Includes:

Circle Fixate Gel Pad

Diameter: 80 mm or 3.15 inches

Triangle Fixate Gel Pad

80 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm or 3.15 Inches

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